Top Of The Pops Thursday: The Adventures – Feel The Raindrops

Back in 1985, the second gig I ever went to was, like the first, at Glasgow’s much-missed Apollo.

The headline act was Tears For Fears (look, there was a big crowd from school going, I was young and didn’t know any better) and they were pretty rubbish. Apart from threatening to have audience members beaten up by their security guards, they also only played for about 50 minutes.

Anyway, what salvaged the concert somewhat was the support band, The Adventures. They were far better than Tears For Fears but, sadly, despite critical acclaim, they never quite managed to break through and find the commercial success they deserved.

Here is a live version of my favourite song from them, called Feel The Raindrops.



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3 responses to “Top Of The Pops Thursday: The Adventures – Feel The Raindrops

  1. TBFTL

    What was the first?

    I’m going to take a stab at Iron Maiden, 1984, at the Apollo, supported by a Scottish band called Waysted!

  2. That was the Powerslave tour, wasn’t it? No, I’d fallen out with Kevin when the tickets were being bought and by the time we’d made up, it was too late to get one.

    My first gig was a few months later, also 1984. Went with you and Tosh, I think, to see Dio. The Last In Line tour. Support band was Queensryche, I think.

  3. TBFTL

    I was sure you were at the Maiden one as well. Dio was indeed with Tosh (what’s he doing now?). We’d been the year earlier and he was also supported by Waysted.

    There’s a funny thing…falling out with Kevin!

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