Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Tiswas

We’re travelling back to the 1970s for this week’s classic theme tune and ITV’s legendary Saturday-morning kids’ show Tiswas.

Notorious for its anarchic presentation and slapstick entertainment – with presenters, guests and audience members endlessly getting drenched in water, covered in gunge or being hit in the face with custard pies – Tiswas ran for eight seasons, 302 episodes, between 1974 and 1982. There were many presenters and co-presenters over the years, the best-known being Chris Tarrant, Sally James and Lenny Henry.

This is the opening to what is thought to be the earliest surviving episode, dating from 1975. Many viewers will be unfamiliar with this version of the opening titles and theme tune since the show was made by regional ITV broadcaster ATV and originally aired only in the English Midlands.

In the very early days, few other ITV regions picked up the show and so many parts of the UK did not get to see it till a few years later as its popularity grew and more regions started to show it.

Next, the more familiar Tiswas theme tune, with two different versions of the opening titles:



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2 responses to “Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day – Tiswas

  1. Quite so, MM! Although, would it betray my cool exterior if I was to admit that when I was a nipper, I was more of a Swap Shop kid that a Tiswas fan? That said, I did flick between the two shows a lot.

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