A Word From Our Sponsors… Accurist Watches

In keeping with the Monty Python theme of this week’s Monday Movie, today’s classic advert features some prime-vintage John Cleese.

Here, from 1978, is an award-winning series of Accurist adverts in which a Basil Fawlty-esque Cleese character flogs us some of those fancy new digital watch gizmos.

In those days, you see, as Douglas Adams famously wrote, us ape-descended lifeforms were so amazingly primitive that we still thought digital watches were a pretty neat idea.

Um… actually, the Choob still does. Hmmm…

Ahem. Moving on, it’s time (see what I did there?) for those classic ads:

The reason these ads came to mind this week is because I noticed that Accurist have dusted one of them off and, with a few digital tweaks, started re-running it, 31 years on. Spot the differences between the following 2009 version and the original:

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