The Monday Movie – What’s up, Doc?

When I was at primary school, some nuns came to visit one day and showed us the film this week’s classic scene comes from. True story. It was on a proper projector and everything, none of this new-fangled VCR or DVD nonsense.

The film is 1972’s What’s Up, Doc?, a screwball comedy produced, co-written and directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Conceived as an homage of sorts to classic American comedies from the 1930s, the film plays kind of like a cross between a Harold Lloyd film , a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoon and the 1930 film Bringing Up Baby, its most obvious direct inspiration.

It stars Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal and Madeleine Kahn as just three of the people caught up in a farcical, slapstick plot revolving around four identical tartan suitcases that get mixed up and the attempts by various individuals to either steal one or reclaim their own.

The big finale of the film is a brilliant car chase that takes place in the streets of San Francisco and which was designed as an elaborate spoof of the Steve McQueen car chase in Bullitt – but which is pretty impressive in its own right.



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