The Choob’s 12 Days Of Christmas: The Only Fools And Horses Christmas Special

On the seventh day of Christmas, The Cathode Ray Choob
sent to you…
The Dork Knight and Boy Blunder of Peckham
(plus Trigger’s Broom With A View)

Sigh. Another Christmas has come and gone without any new Only Fools And Horses.

Admittedly, writer John Sullivan has written his long-mooted prequel – set in the 1960s and called Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Chips – that will air in the new year.

But I miss my Christmas Day helping of Del Boy and Rodney, dammit.

It’s a common lament that the later shows were not as good as the earlier ones. And it’s true that the final Christmas trilogy – the post millionaire episodes, which aired between 2001 and 2003 – were a bit contrived and uneven. But the truth is that even in these episodes, there was still lots to enjoy – and even a mediocre episode of Only Fools And Horses is miles better than most of the competition.

To put the lie to the whole “later episodes were rubbish” argument once and for all, I give you the following two clips.

They come from Heroes And Villains, the first part of the second-to-last trilogy of episodes – which aired over Christmas 1996 and culminated in Del and Rodney finally becoming millionaires – and are arguably two of the best scenes in the show’s entire 22-year run.

First, embarrassing  fancy dress costumes and an unreliable Robin Reliant do not mix:

And second, Trigger has a brush with greatness:


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