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New Kick-Ass Trailer – Best. Trailer. Ever?

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The Choob is really looking forwared  to the film version of Scottish comics writer Mark Millar‘s acclaimed series Kick-Ass, which is due out in April.

Millar, you will recall, wrote the comics mini-series Wanted, which was loosely adapted into the 2008 film of the same name, starring Angelina Jolie and Scottish actor James McAvoy.

Kick-Ass is about a high-school student who, inspired by his love of superhero comics, decides to become a real-life costumed vigilante and the like-minded oddballs he meets along the way.

We’re promised that the film version of Kick-Ass, the movie rights to which were sold before the first issue of the comic was even published, will stick to the source material much more closely than was the case with Wanted. If so, then given the controversial, profane and ultra-violent nature of the comic, it should keep the Daily Mail going for months.

The latest trailer – which focusses on the character Hit-Girl, an 11-year-old girl trained as a killer by her father, Big Daddy (played by Nicolas Cage) – certainly suggests that they are not kidding. It looks great and is awesome in a shocking, taboo-busting kind of way – and listen out for the outstanding use of The Dickies’ cover version of The Banana Splits theme tune.

Here’s more of Hit-Girl and Big Daddy:

And finally, in case you missed it, here’s the original Kick-Ass teaser trailer:

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