Another Day, Another Kick-Ass Trailer

You might remember a few days ago that I was singing the praises of the (relatively) new trailer for the movie Kick-Ass, based on the comic book by Scottish writer Mark Millar.

Well, here’s the first full trailer for the film, which gives a bit more detail on the actual plot for those unfamiliar with the story.

It’s not as much fun as the Hit-Girl trailer but, damn, this film looks like a cracker.



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2 responses to “Another Day, Another Kick-Ass Trailer

  1. Just saw this movie. It’s hilarious. So much better than Wanted. Genuine Mark Millar.

  2. Haven’t had the chance to see it yet – hopefully on Monday or Tuesday next week. Can’t wait!

    Yes, Wanted was a bit of a let-down. From the trailers and clips, Kick-Ass looks a lot closer to Millar’s original concept than Wanted was.

    Cheers for the comment, darth!

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