Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day: Dexter

Dexter star Michael C Hall picked up the gong for best actor in a TV drama at the 67th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, for his role as serial killer Dexter Morgan.

It emerged last week that Hall has been battling cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, for several months. He revealed that it has been successfully treated and is in remission but the effects of the treatment were all too clear when he when he appeared on stage to collect his award on Sunday night, wearing a black beanie hat to cover his hair loss.

Season 4 guest star John Lithgow was also honoured with a Best Supporting Actor award for his role as a rival serial killer in the latest season of the show.

Based on characters created for a series of books by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter is an outstanding drama with a rich, vein of dark humour pumping through it. Dexter Morgan is a civilian who works as a blood-spatter analyst with the Miami police department by day and is a serial killer by night. However, his adoptive father, a police officer, spotted Dexter’s dark side at an early age, and trained him to control it, to a degree, and let it loose only on killers who have evaded the law. Season 4 aired in the US before Christmas and work is due to start soon on season 5.

The opening titles are arguably the best of any TV show, past or present. They a real masterclass in clever, imaginative visuals that echo, with a cheeky grin and a knowing wink to the audience, the show’s themes.

They hint at Dexter’s hidden dark side by exposing and highlighting the inherent violence in the apparently benign, innocuous routine of getting dressed in the morning and having breakfast. Great use of sound effects, too, to emphasize the point. The images are perfectly complemented by Rolfe Kent‘s wonderful theme tune.

At the start of season 4, due to changes in his personal life, poor Dexter is feeling a little frazzled, which allowed the producers to have a little fun with this funny alternate version of Dexter’s morning routine:

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