A Word From our Sponsors… Lego

“But he turned into an anti-kipper ballistic missile…”

I couldn’t help noticing the other night that the nostalgic trend of classic vintage adverts being dusted off and rerun seems to be gathering pace.

We’ve already seen the old Milky Way and Accurist watches adverts reappear recently after many years languishing in the archives.

And now Lego is the latest product to get in on the act. They are proudly re-presenting this wonderful advert from, I believe, 1981, featuring the voice of the late, great British comedian Tommy Cooper.

Possibly inspired by the wizard duel in Disney’s 1963 animated Arthurian adventure The Sword In The Stone, this advert, called Kipper (“I said ‘kipper’ not ‘slipper’…”), was made by ad agency TBWA/London.

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