BBC Winter Olympics Trailer Deserves A Medal

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The trailer for the BBC’s coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is a thing of beauty.

The music, incidentally, is the intro to Michael Bublé‘s version of the song Cry Me A River.



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9 responses to “BBC Winter Olympics Trailer Deserves A Medal

  1. ladylixa

    I have to agree with you there!

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  3. billiecardiff

    I love the graphics the music is totally inappropriate and makes it all so heavy when the Winter Olympics is uplifting, exiting and fun. Music lets it down badly

  4. katie

    Does anyone know who actually did it? Is it an inhouse Beeb person or an independent?

  5. i have some info on my blog about it and link. some company called studio AKA it was commissioned

  6. I dunno, Billie… I think the heavy, foreboding music suits this epic (30-second!) quest to restore light and peace to the dark and troubled Inuit world.

  7. I couldn’t believe it was buble!! Never thought I’d actually quite like it, probably coz he’s not whining over the track.

  8. Yes, I think we can all count ourselves lucky that the trailer ends before the vocals start!

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