Liberate Yourself A Blake’s 7 Teleport Bracelet

Regular readers will know (from posts such as this and this and, ahem, this) that Blake’s 7 is the Choob’s all-time favourite TV show.

I have also been known to spend silly amounts of cash on geek-related replicas and limited edition stuff such as this, this, this and, um, this.

So you can imagine my delight the other day when I discovered that a company called Termight Replicas was selling replica Blake’s 7 teleport bracelets (the superior version from the Liberator spaceship, rather than the later Scorpio model).

And here’s the kicker – they are made by Martin Bower, who created the original TV prop bracelets used on the show. Here’s a photo of the replicas – Termight say they are virtually identical to the ones used on the TV show. Of course, this authenticity is also why they don’t exactly come cheap. Anyway here’s what they look like:

Termight Replicas, incidentally, currently specialises mainly in Judge Dredd/2000AD items – the company name presumably is inspired by Nemesis The Warlock, one of the long-running weekly British anthology comic’s most popular series, in which a far-future Earth has been renamed Termight.

They offer pretty impressive Judge Dredd helmets, shield badges and belt buckles.

But a couple of other comics-related items particularly caught my attention.

First, this awesome-looking and very beautifully presented replica of The Armstrong Siddeley “Royal Albert” Vibro-Beamer, from writer/artist Bryan Talbot ‘s wonderful comic-book series The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright. Check this beauty out:

And then there is this – Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha’s Westinghouse Variable Cartridge Blaster replica:

The replica is based on designs originally prepared by artist Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog‘s co-creater, along with writer John Wagner) for a TV adaptation that never happened:

And here are a couple of examples of Ezquerra’s art from 2000AD to see how closely the replica captures his original comic artwork:


Disclaimer: I have no connection with Termight Replicas (or any of the makers/creators/publishers of the replicas or the works they are based upon). However, I may well become a customer in the very near future!


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5 responses to “Liberate Yourself A Blake’s 7 Teleport Bracelet

  1. TBFTL

    I’ll have five!!!

    Aye Right! you sad wank 😉

  2. Lubo's Boot

    Yes girls, the choob is single and available…..

    Seperate note – have you read “Red Son”, the Mark Millar take on Superman? It’s worth a look, choob.

  3. My birthday’s coming up, if you two want to chip in and buy me some of this stuff…

  4. I was woundering when all this would arrive you know how long it would it takei remember watching blake seven when iwas a kid i used to play at it behind the school with a few friends youknow the certain area wasthe ship we used to be the crew of blake 7.

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