Tuesday Is (Imaginary) Theme Tunes Day – Lost (1980s style)

I know that I featured this about a year ago, but since the sixth and final season of Lost debuted in the US tonight (the two-hour season première is airing as I type this, I believe – viewers in the UK get to see it on Sky 1 on Friday), I thought it was worth revisiting.

(Don’t forget, if you want to remind yourself of what happened during the first five seasons – or catch up very quickly – to have a look at the excellent Story Of Lost So Far In 8 Minutes, 15 Seconds.)

Lost is brilliant but the one thing it is sadly missing is a great theme tune. Or, indeed, any theme tune.

Since many of the truly great TV theme tunes belong to 1980s shows, here (courtesy of Weebl’s Stuff) is what Lost might have been like, had it been made 20 years ago:

And talking of Lost and theme tunes we have this.

Dawson Bros., TV comedy writers who created what I think is the funniest Downfall parody video, speculate on what the production meeting about the show’s intro might have been like:

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