ChatRoulette – Pianist Envy

You may have heard about the latest “internet craze”, ChatRoulette.

It’s a video chat site with a twist – it hooks you up with random strangers who you can either talk to, thus reaffirming their faith in human nature, or crush their fragile self-esteem by taking one look at them and clicking disconnect with extreme prejudice.

Of course, given human nature, and the internet being what it is, you’re as likely (actually, let’s be honest, several times MORE likely) to be confronted by a strange man who has forgotten to put his trousers and pants on as you are to strike up a friendship with a like-minded individual who is happy to discuss the socio-economic problems facing society in the wake of the global economic crisis/climate change/the finer points of Twilight saga with particular emphasis on the hotness of the actors in the films/who’d win in a fight between Superman and The Hulk.*

That said, some people are getting creative and having non-naked fun with the concept of ChatRoulette. None moreso than this talented guy, who goes by the name Merton:

Thanks to mojo-mafia for the heads-up on that one.

Incidentally Jon Stewart ran a hilarious segment on The Daily Show last week about the dodgier side of ChatRoulette and the media’s usual understated reaction (i.e. outrage and hysterical scaremongering) to internet stuff they don’t really understand. The joke being that the only people you can connect to on the site are naked perverts and hysterical journalists looking for naked perverts to be outraged about.

If Hulu works in your country, you can watch the full ChatRoulette segment on The Daily Show website here. If Hulu hates you and laughs in your face as it kicks you in the nuts with its ludicrously restrictive access restrictions, you can see the best part of The Daily Show segment in full in the following MSNBC news report:

* Delete as appropriate.

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