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What The Internet Really Needs… is Dolph Lundgren Singing Eye Of The Tiger

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People often say to me, “Choob,” they say, “Choob, the internet is great and all but…”

“But?” I ask.

“But what it really needs is Dolph Lundgren singing Eye Of The Tiger.”

And you know what, they’re right! So here, in the first of a new, occasional series here on The Cathode Ray Choob, What The Internet Really Needs…, is Dolph Lundgren singing Eye Of The Tiger:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In case you are wondering (and who wouldn’t?), it comes from this year’s Melodifestivalen, which is the Swedish version of A Song For Europe, during which the nation chooses the song to represent Sweden at The Eurovision Song Contest.

They get Dolph singing Eye Of The Tiger, we get Graham Norton and Pete Waterman. There’s no justice.

The geek in me feels obliged to point out that, of course, he should really be singing The Burning Heart, which was the theme song for the film Rocky IV, in which Dolph appeared as Russian boxer Ivan Drago, and not Eye Of The Tiger, which was the theme to Rocky III, in which Dolph did not appear. Just sayin’…

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