Finally! First Official Photos Of Doctor Who’s New Season 5 TARDIS Interior

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At last, with less than a week to go before season five of Doctor Who launches (season five in post-revival terms, that is – season 31 overall) and Matt Smith‘s reign as the eleventh Doctor begins (the first episode airs in the UK on Easter Saturday, April 3, on April 17 in the US and Canada and on April 18 in Australia), we finally have our first proper look at the new TARDIS interior.

We already knew that the console room would be split over two levels and have been promised a look at some other rooms in the TARDIS but for now, all the shots are of the main level of the console room.

If, like me, you were a bit confused that the Doctor and Amy (played by Scots actress Karen Gillan) appear to be standing in front of two different versions of the Tardis console, in fact they are standing on the perspex platform in the top picture and down on the “Swiss-cheese”-style main floor in the others.

So, what do you think? Comments welcome.

More pics over at Radio Times.


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6 responses to “Finally! First Official Photos Of Doctor Who’s New Season 5 TARDIS Interior

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  4. I’m not certain I like this new layout. Having said that my favourite was with Tom Baker so I think I’m a little behind the times.

    I’m definitely going to miss David Tennant.

  5. Hi Suzie. Nice to hear from you again.

    I have hazy memories of the Tom Baker era but the first Doctor I remember watching regularly was Peter Davison.

    I’m going to reserve judgement on the new TARDIS interior, I think, ’til I see how it looks in all its glory on-screen. It’s hard to get a real sense of how it’ll look and feel as a location from the photos alone, y’know?

    That said, like you, I was hoping for a return to something a little closer to the old show’s style of Tardis interior. I never really liked the new show’s version of the TARDIS console.

    But then, I guess they wouldn’t want to stray that far or abruptly from the previous interior style for fear of alienating the new generation of fans who only know that style.

    This interior seems a bit less “grungy” that the last one, at least – who knows, maybe we can think of it as a stepping stone on the road towards a more traditional old-school TARDIS interior in the next revamp?

  6. Yeah, I’m back again. I check your blog every day.

    I remember the changeover from Jon Pertwee to Tom Baker. My family were all mad Doctor Who fanatics before Jon Pertwee and I’m the youngest so I didn’t stand a chance.

    Definitely less ‘grungy’ but I’ll try and reserve judgement until I see it properly. I’ll have to wait another two weeks until they screen it here. Sometimes it sucks being in Australia.

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