The Monday Movie – Best In Show

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Christopher Guest is perhaps still best known for playing intellectually challenged rock star Nigel Tufnel in Rob Reiner’s 1984 spoof documentary This Is Spinal Tap (a film I have previously spotlighted in the Choob’s Monday Movie feature).

Since then, Guest has explored the genre further by co-writing, directing and starring in his own semi-improvised “mockumentary” films Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration.

Best In Show remains his finest effort to date. The film follows several eccentric oddballs as they prepare their pampered pooches for a prestigious dog show.

Here’s one of the film’s best moments, featuring the film’s co-writer Eugene Levy (best known as the dad from the American Pie movies) and Catherine O’Hara (who you may recognise as Macaulay Culkin’s mum in the Home Alone series).

Some of the film’s funniest moments come from the ill-informed and hilariously inappropriate commentary from announcer Buck Laughlin, played by Fred Willard. Here’s two examples:

Here is Guest himself, as Harlan Pepper, a man with a penchant for nuts:

And finally, Jennifer Coolidge (aka Stifler’s mom in American Pie) as the gold-digging Sherri Ann Cabot:


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