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Spider-Man Catches Evil Villain Who Stole The X-Men

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Long-time readers might remember the Choob’s post last year about the Mighty Thor smiting a burglar who broke into his house.

Well, it’s happened again – another real-life superhero foiling an evil villain’s dastardly plot.

This time, it was a real-life Spider-Man whose Spidey-sense started tingling when a “joker” (yes, I know I’m mixing my fictional superhero universes here) in a comic shop nicked an X-Men Omnibus collected edition worth around £97, according to a newspaper report (though you can get it for half that price on Amazon – I’m just saying).

With a little help from The Flash and some passing Jedi Knights – and with Wolverine, Catwoman and, in a bizarre post-modern twist, Kick-Ass looking on (I’m not making this up) – Spidey apprehended the criminal mastermind/stupid shoplifter.

Read the full story here. And here is the CCTV footage (sadly lacking in any web-slinging or wall-crawling):

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