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Calvin and Hobbes - Best newspaper comic strip EVER!

Sam Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

Welcome to the Cathode Ray Choob. It’s a blog about many things but especially about TV.

Cathode rays are, of course, the beams of electrons that provided the pictures on our TVs before we all had plasma screens and LCD displays (or total-immersion holographic imaging chambers, if you are reading this in an Old Earth archive in the year 3568).

As for the choob part of The Cathode Ray Choob, I am from Scotland and it is a slang Scottish word meaning: “A person who has committed, is committing or is about to commit a foolish act.” Seemed appropriate…

The aim of the blog is to celebrate TV at its best, mixing nostalgic reminders of shows-gone-by with the latest news and features about the the current crop of small-screen offerings. Anything goes, be it high-brow or mindless fun.

So, if you not only know that the name of the dog in Champion The Wonder Horse was Rebel, but that the name of the dog who played Rebel was Blaze, or if being aware that the name of the detective agency in Moonlighting was Blue Moon Investigations isn’t enough for you and you also know their address was Suite 2016, 15555 Century Park East, Century City, Ca 91302, then this is the place for you! But even if you are less of a TV nerd than me, I hope you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

In addition to TV, we might well chat about movies, sport, comics, poker and, well, lots of dead important stuff.

As for me, my name is Liam and I work for a popular daily newspaper in Glasgow as a sub-editor. So there’s really no excuse for all the inevitable spelling mistakes and poor grammar…

Contact the Choob at:

10 responses to “About Me

  1. W.H. Winegarden

    fantastic blog… going on my roll ASAP!… come visit me at http://outsidethebox.wordpress.com

  2. jim

    good reading will be returning in the future.

  3. Just my still of blog. I’ll be visiting frequently.

  4. TBFTL

    Popular daily newspaper? Didn’t you mean the next days chip wrapper or bum wipe 😉

    Did I really just do one of those smiley things 😦

  5. Yes, but it’s the nation’s favourite chip wrapper/bum wipe!

  6. Rodney Ragnarok

    Sir, your blog is the bees knees and your taste in spaceships impeccable. Will return. +1

  7. Thank you Rodney. Always good to hear from someone who knows their spaceships!

  8. Sutekh The Destroyer

    You’ve just warmed my heart by letting me see the titles to The Lost Islands, a programme I’d forgotten about after all these years. Thank you!

    You’ve got a link from my FB at facebook.com/adriancranwellchild

  9. TBFTL

    It’s just pure shoddiness and laziness that you haven’t updated this nonsense!!!!

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