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George Clooney Scrubs Up For ER Farewell

The rumours have been flying for months and now, according to breaking news from E! Online, Dr Doug Ross is returning for one final shift at County General.

Other original ER stars, including Anthony Edwards (Dr Mark Greene) and Noah Wyle (Dr John Carter) have already been confirmed as returning for the show’s farewell season (its 15th).

But, of course, the dream addition to the guest-star wish-list was always going to be George Clooney. And as the Choob reported a few weeks ago, when the network ordered an additional three episodes – extending the run from 19 to 22 – the rumour mill didn’t so much go into overdrive and hyper-drive that Clooney would return one last time to the role that made him famous.

The producers played their part in the hype/mind games, with a steady stream of yes/no/maybe/I don’t know/it depends on his schedule statements. Now, though, if the report is to be believed, it’s a done deal and he will be shooting his scenes this week.

Next big talking point, therefore: will Julianna Margulies return with him as former nurse Carol Hathaway. The characters were last seen riding off into the sunset together, after all.

The final episode is due to air in the US on NBC on April 2. UK viewers should get to see it on E4 around May/June.

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