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The Lost Supper… Season 6 Cast Portrait

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The sixth and final season of Lost starts airing in the US on ABC on Tuesday, February 2.

The UK date, on Sky One, is yet to be confirmed but will be later that same week. Some sources are reporting it will begin on Friday, February 5. This would be a bit of a surprise, since it has been airing on Sunday nights since Sky One picked it up and also Friday night is not a night that attracts the big audiences.

In any case, the point of this post is to share with you the official final season promotional cast portraits.

Here they are (click on the photos to see larger versions):

As you can see in the first photo, like Battlestar Galactica and The Sopranos before them, the Lost producers have gone for an homage to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper (click here to see it).

That’s no big surprise, given the biblical allusions and symbols scattered throughout the Lost mythology.

Whether the portrait offers any clues as to plot twists or the fate of the characters remains to be seen. A few observations, however:

1. Claire (Emilie de Ravin, right) is back in the main cast, which isn’t surprising as producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed some time ago that she would return to play a prominent role in Lost‘s final chapter.

2. Given Locke’s (Terry O’Quinn) story arc so far – the revelations in the final episode of season 5 notwithstanding – it’s no surprise to see him in the Christ role here.

3. The photo is not an exact recreation of Da Vinci’s painting of Christ and the apostles… however, the character who appears to be assuming the Judas pose is – surprisingly – Kate (Evangeline Lilly). Are they trying to tell us something?

4. Season-five newcomer Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson) is at the far left, next to the mysterious Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell, who, I think, also features in the main cast pic for the first time). Frank the pilot (Jeff Fahey, far right) is also upgraded, it seems, from supporting character to main cast.

5. These main cast returnees and newcomers mean that a few former regulars have been, well… Lost. Most disappointingly, from my point of view, both of my favourite characters are missing: Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell, left) and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick). I’m sure they won’t be entirely absent from season six but the portrait suggests that they won’t play a big part (note that I’ve been avoiding any spoilers for the final season, so the extent of their involvment – or lack thereof – may already be common knowledge).

6. Less surprising, but still disappointing, is the absence of Daniel (Jeremy Davies), another of my favourite characters. Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) is also missing. Now, given their fates during the course of last season, it’s perhaps not much of a shock – but we don’t know what effect the explosive ending to last season has had (if any) on the characters’ timelines, so they’re perhaps not gone for good?

7. Most of the characters remain in the same positions in both photos but two change sides (Claire and Miles (Ken Leung)), while Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Ben (Michael Emerson) switch places… is this significant in any way?

Sources/thanks: Dark UFO; io9.

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TV Newsround – Penny Spent? Kate Going? The Next Gen Boldly Returning? And More…

Is Lost‘s Penny doomed? The Choob has been worried about Penelope Widmore, girlfriend of Desmond Hume – the world’s favourite Scottish, Glasgow Celtic-supporting, time-travelling island-hopper – since nasty, vengeful Benjamin Linus said he was off to attend to some unfinished business, then was next seen covered in cuts and bruises next to some boats at a marina.

Further fuelling my fears, was the word that actress Sonya Walger, right, who plays Penny, had signed up for the lead role in the pilot of new sci-fi drama Flash Forward (lots more about that show here).

However, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello offers some comfort, as he reports that Lost insiders say they are not done with Penny yet and that Walger will balance work on the two shows (they are both on the ABC network), should Flash Forward progress to a full series.

Of course, on Lost, the fact that a character will appear in future episodes does not necessarily mean they will be alive…

Talking of Lost, the rumour that has been spreading around “teh internets” over the last few days that Kate is being killed off (fuelled by a claim that actress Evangeline Lilly has been auditioning for new shows) has been flatly denied by the producers of Lost, network ABC and Lilly’s own spokespeople, all of whom insist Kate will be on the island until the show ends next year.

All the original main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation have signed up for a reunion – on a special episode of animated sitcom Family Guy.

Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes will appear in an episode called Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, in which the Griffin clan visit the annual Quahog Star Trek convention.

ITV’s poorly-received Saturday-night prime-time fantasy drama Demons is facing the axe after a single season, according to tabloid reports. Star Philip Glenister (best known for playing Gene Hunt in the original UK version of Life On Mars and its sequel Ashes To Ashes) has reportedly quit his role as vampire hunter Rupert Galvin. This, along with rapidly-declining ratings throughout the first season’s run, seem likely to signal its demise.

What credit crunch? NBC is said to be charging advertisers up to $500,000 for a 30-second commercial slot during the two-hour last-ever episode of ER, which airs in the US on April 2.  Such advertising slots normally cost around $135,000. George Clooney returns in the finale for one last appearance as Dr Doug Ross, left, along with a few of the show’s other former stars.

With the second season of The CW’s Reaper starting on Tuesday (March 3) Sci Fi Wire has a video interview with star Bret Harrison revealing what lies in store for the Devil’s errand boy this year.

As season seven of 24 approaches the half-way mark on Fox, it has been announced that executive producer John Cassar won’t be back for season eight (which may well be the show’s final season), after failing to agree a new contract deal. He had been with the series for six years.

His next project will be as director of CBS pilot Washington Field, a crime drama about a team of elite agents operating out of the FBI’s Washington field office.


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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Lost – Hoffs/Drawlar

In honour of the start of Lost‘s fifth season this week, the Choob presents this classic clip.

In just five minutes, the writers pulled the rug from under our feet, everything changed and the show returned to top form after a little bit of a slump.

Enjoy! (Warning: Contains spoilers if you have not see all of season 3.)

And, of course, the writers were dangling the twist under our noses the whole time, long before the big reveal (hint: it’s an anagram):

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When’s My favourite Show Coming Back?

With a lot of shows on a break until the New Year, and mid-season replacement shows such as 24 and Lost about to return, here’s a handy list of when the main shows are due back on our screens. US airdates are included for North Americans (and bit-torrenters) and the UK dates are also included where known.

24: Day 7 finally begins, after the extra year’s delay caused by the writers’ strike, with a special four-hour, two-night event on Sunday, January 11 and Monday, January 12, before settling in to its normal Monday night slot. In the UK, Sky One starts airing it on January 12.
30 Rock: Season 3 continues in the US on January 8.
Battlestar Galactica: The final 10 episodes (aka season 4.5) begin on January 11 in the US and January 20 on Sky One.
The Big Bang Theory: Season 2 resumes on January 12 in the US.
Big Love: Season 3 begins on January 18 (on HBO in the US).
Bones: Season 4 resumes in the US on January 15 and on Sky One in the UK on February 19.
Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 resumes on January 4 (US) and starts on More4 in the UK on January 8.
Burn Notice: Season 2 continues on January 22 in the US.
Chuck: Season 2 returns to US screens on February 2.
Damages: Season 2 begins in the US on January 7.
Desperate Housewives: Back in the US on January 4
Dexter: Season 2 starts on ITV1 in the UK on January 8.
Dollhouse: Premieres on February 13.
ER: The final season continues in the US on January 8 and begins in the UK on More4 on the same night.
Flashpoint: First season returns on January 9.
Flight Of The Conchords: Second season starts on January 18 (US).

Fringe: Season 1 resumes on January 20 (US).
Heroes: Season 3 (Volume 4) continues on February 2 (US).
House: Season 5 returns on January 19 (US).
How I Met Your Mother: Season 4 continues in the US on January 12.
Life: First season continues on February 4 (US) and begins on FX in the UK on February 9.
Life On Mars (US remake): First season resumes on January 28.
Lost: Season 5 begins on January 21 in the US and on January 25th on Sky One in the UK.
Medium: Season 5 begins on February 2 (US). Season 4 starts on January 12 on Sci Fi (UK).
The Mentalist: First season continues on January 6 (US).
Monk: Season 7 continues on January 9 (US).
My Name Is Earl: Season 4 resumes on January 8 (US) and starts on E4 in the UK on the same night.
The New Adventures Of Old Christine: Season 4 continues on January 14 (US).
Nip/Tuck: Season 5 continues on January 6.
Numb3rs: Season 5 returns on January 9 (US) and starts on Channel 5 in the UK the same night.
The Office: Season 5 continues on January 15 (US).

Private Practice: Season 2 continues on January 8 (US).
Psych: Season 3 continues on January 9 (US).
Reaper: Season 2 begins on March 17 (US).
Samantha Who?: Season 2 resumes on January 12 (US).
Sanctuary: Season 1 is currently airing in the US and starts on February 3 on SciFi in the UK.
Scrubs: Season 8 starts on January 6 (US).
Smallville: Season 8 resumes on January 15 (US).
Supernatural: Season 4 resumes on January 15 in the US and is due to start in January on ITV2.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 2 continues on February 13 (US).

UPDATE: More return dates for your favourite shows HERE and HERE.

See HERE for a chronological list of US return dates.

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