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TV Newsround: Renewals And Cancellations – Life On Mars Runs Out Of Air(time) But Heroes Breathes A Sigh Of Relief… And More

BAD news for fans of the American version of the BBC hit Life On Mars. US network ABC have announced that they are cancelling the show and it won’t be back for a second season. Which is a shame because against all odds, it was actually a pretty good translation.

The good news is that the producers have been given enough notice to give the show a proper finale that wraps up the story – and the network has confirmed that new episodes will continue to air as scheduled, rather than being shelved indefinitely (the show airs in the US on Wednesday nights after Lostbut has been unable to hang on to enough of that show’s large lead-in audience to satisfy the moneymen).

It means that viewers will soon find out why and how the US Sam Tyler (played by Irishman Jason O’Mara) was transported back to 1973 New York, rather than leave them in limbo wondering what was going on.

As the Choob has previously reported, the US producers had already made it clear that the ultimate explanation for Sam’s temporal displacement would be different from the ending of the BBC show. All will be revealed when the final episode airs on May 1.

In related news, Gretchen Mol, who plays WPC Annie Norris (above, far right) in the US Life On Mars, is said to be in talks to join the cast of the Witches Of Eastwick TV show pilot.

BETTER news for Heroes fans. As expected, despite sliding ratings, NBC has officially confirmed that the show will return for a fourth season later this year. However, there are rumours that talks are now underway to set a definite end date for the show to wrap up.

BUDGET cuts that had threatened to prevent The Sarah Silverman Program returning to Comedy Central for a third season have been resolved.

Silverman, right, and the show’s other producers had been reluctant to accept a lower budget on the grounds it would affect the quality of the show.

However, a new, 10-episode season has now been ordered after sister network Logo, which targets lesbian and gay viewers, stepped in to plug the financial gap.

THE BBC has ordered a third season of period drama Lark Rise To Candleford. It will be filmed this summer and is due to be broadcast early next year.

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