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Lost Week Epilogue: The Alternate Endings

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As unveiled on the special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that aired immediately after the final episode of Lost on Sunday night, here are three alternate endings that didn’t make the cut. The second one is particularly outstanding.

In case you need an explanation of the third one (in which case, shame on you for not being more familiar with the work of the great Bob Newhart) this post here helps explain the context.

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Lost Week: The Best Lost Fan Vids – Part Two

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Well, our six-year journey almost over.

As I type this, we are less than five hours away from the start of the final episode of Lost (less than two hours if you’re on east-coast USA).

So here is the finale of the Choob’s Lost week – one last batch of the best fan videos I could find (plus a few professionally made ones).

Enjoy and I’ll see you in another life, without Lost, Brutha.

Here’s US talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel‘s excellent reaction to the controversial Jacob and Man In Black origin episode a few weeks ago:

I so wish that this product was real:

Previously on Lost:


The Swedish Chef!

Next, The Onion News Network reports on how the final season makes Lost fans more annoying than ever. Harsh but fair!

Desmond: The Brutha! compilation:

And finally, this official ABC promo originally aired, I believe, during the 2006 Superbowl. It’s Robert Palmer‘s Addicted To… Lost?

Final Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Sarah Silverman – I’m F*@#ing Matt Damon

So, late-night US TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel had a long-running gag on his show in which he would repeatedly “bump” actor Matt Damon as he always ran out of time before he could interview him.

Kimmel’s real-life girlfriend is controversial stand-up comic Sarah Silverman. On the January 31 edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, she appeared as a guest and played a video that she said she had made for Kimmel’s birthday – and the internet went into meltdown! Here’s Silverman introducing the video on the show:

Now, that was funny enough… but then Kimmel hit back with a video of his own, which he unveiled on February 24 during his post-Oscars show, that was even bigger and better. See how many stars you can spot:

Finally, as a footnote here’s a great little off-the-cuff interview with Damon just after the videos really took off:

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