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TV Newsround: Renewals And Cancellations

HBO have ordered a fourth season of bigamy drama Big Love. The third season is currently airing in the US.

The show stars Bill Paxton as a devout Mormon struggling to juggle running and growing the family-owned business with the unique demands of keeping three wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin) happy, while also keeping his extended family secret and trying to distance them from his own fundamentalist origins.

Cable channel TNT has ordered a second season (15 episodes) of crime drama Leverage. The show’s 13-episode first season is currently airing. The premise of the show is remarkably similar to the BBC1 drama Hustle– a group of criminals, led by a former insurance investigator (Timothy Hutton) who pull off sophisticated cons and sting operations against other criminals, especially corrupt businesses and individuals who have taken advantage of innocent people.

The currently airing third season of Kyle XY will be the last, ABC Family have said. The show is about a mysterious, amnesiac teenager with special powers and a missing belly button who gets taken in by a normal family, who teach him the basics of human interaction and emotions while he tries to puzzle out his bizarre past.

However, Kyle’s fellow ABC Family stablemate Greek got better news, with an order for a 20-episode third season.

Syndicated sword-and-sorcery fantasy drama Legend Of The Seeker, currently airing its first season, has been renewed for a second run. The show is based on the Sword Of Truth series of books by Terry Goodkind.

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When’s My favourite Show Coming back – Update!

Here’s a few more return dates for shows that I missed out of my first round-up of when new episodes your favourite shows are due to start airing  (except where noted, these are US air dates).

The Amazing Race: February 15.
Breaking Bad: March 8.
The Closer: January 26.
Corner Gas: January 12.
CSI: January 15.
CSI Miami: January 12.
CSI NY: January 14.

Damages: As previously noted, the show returns in the US on January 7. It has also now emerged that it will air in the UK on BBC1 beginning sometime in February.
Kyle XY: January 12.
The L Word: January 18.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent: February 5 (this return date is given at wikipedia and some other sites but appears unconfirmed and should be treated with caution for now).
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: January 13.
Reaper: March 17.
Two and a Half Men: January 12.

EDIT: And here are more dates for shows returning to UK screens.

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