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Teaser Trailer For Gervais And Merchant’s First Film

Here’s a funny teaser trailer for Cemetery Junction, the first feature film written and directed by The Office and Extras duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

The film is set in the 1970s in Reading and Gervais describes it as a coming of age tale that is a cross between The Office and Mad Men. It’s due for release early next year.

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TV Newsround: The Show Will Go On… The Fate Of 58 Shows!

It’s that time of year when the US TV networks decide (or rather, share with the world) which shows live and which shows die.

The upfronts take place next week in New York, when the fate of your favourite show will be officially revealed.

However news about the future (or lack thereof) of many of the bigger shows has already leaked, plus a few already had previous multi-season agreements in place.

So here is a round-up of which shows will definitely be back (some of these, in particular the shows that air during the summer, were already known and mentioned in previous Choob posts), plus the ones that are still sweating it out.


The sixth and final season of Lost will begin early in 2010.

Brothers And Sisters will be back in September for its fourth season.

New comedy-drama Castle, starring former Firefly star Nathan Fillion as a mystery writer who teams up with an NYPD cop to help him research his new novel, has been renewed for a second season. The first season ended in the US last week.

Grey’s Anatomy gets a sixth season, while its spin-off Private Practice is renewed for a third.

Desperate Housewives has been given a sixth season.

Season four of Ugly Betty begins on September 24.

ABC Family comedy-drama Greek has an order for a 20-episode third season.


CBS has yet to make a decision on a fifth season of sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, starring former Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus (right), but ABC has agreed a back-up deal which will see the network pick up the show if CBS decides to pass on it. It’s the second time in two years that ABC has tried to take over the show.

This is less certain than most of the other shows listed here but rumours are circulating that, somewhat surprisingly, David Mamet‘s special forces military drama The Unit is being given a fifth season.

Again, not a dead cert, but police drama Cold Case is said to have a good chance of a seventh season.

It was revealed back in March that sitcoms Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory have been guaranteed three and two more seasons respectively.


Day eight of 24 will begin early next year. Is said to be set in New York and feature the return of CTU.

Sci-fi detective drama Fringe has been renewed for a full second season.

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku, will be back for a second season of 12 episodes.

The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons. The 44-episode order will take the show through to the end of its 22nd season (and 493 episodes), making it the longest-running series in primetime US TV history.

The first season of Family Guy spin-off Cleveland is yet to air (it was pushed back from Spring to the Autumn), but it has already been given a 13-episode second-season order.


Dennis Leary firefighter drama Rescue Me has been renewed for an 18-episode sixth season.

Biker gang drama Sons Of Anarchy, starring Hellboy’s Ron Perlman, has been given a second-season order.


A fourth season of bigamy drama Big Love (below) has been ordered.

Vampire drama True Blood will be back for a second season.

Entourage gets a sixth season.


Despite diminishing ratings, Heroes will be back for season four.

The American version of The Office gets a sixth season.

Tina Fey’s (right) comedy 30 Rock saw ratings grow slightly this year and, though still on the low side, it has been rewarded with a fourth season.

Season eleven of Law and Order: SVU has been ordered.

Friday Night Lights has been given two more 13-episode seasons (its fourth and fifth).

Parks and Recreation, the new sitcom from the makers of the US version of The Office, which stars Saturday Night Live‘s Amy Poehler, gets a second season.

Supernatural drama Medium has been given a sixth season.

New LA-set cop drama Southland began its seven-episode first season last month and has already been renewed for a 13-episode second.


Historical drama The Tudors will return for a 10-part fourth (and final) season, which will complete the saga of King Henry VIII.

Season 5 of Weeds, starring Mary-Louise Parker, right, begins on Monday, June 8.

Dexter, starring Six Feet Under’s Michael C Hall as a serial killer who works for the Miami police department. Season three recently ended its run and the network has been renewed for at least two further seasons, of 12 episodes each.

Black comedy-drama The United States Of Tara, has been given a second, 12-episode season. The show, created by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, stars Toni Collette as a wife and mother-of-two who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

Californication, starring David Duchovny as a charming but troubled writer, has been renewed for a third season.


A second season (15 episodes) of crime drama Leverage has been given the go-ahead.

Superboy drama Smallville will be back in the Autumn for its ninth season.

Supernatural returns for season five.

One Tree Hill gets a seventh season.

Newcomer 90210 gets a second season (plus a pilot order for an updated version of original Beverley Hills 90210 spin-off, Melrose Place – more details here).

A third season of Gossip Girl has been ordered.

Comedy Central

The Sarah Silverman Program will be returning for a third season. With Sarah Silverman, right, obviously.


The superb Mad Men has been renewed for at least two more seasons.


Sci-fi/fantasy drama Sanctuary, starring Stargate SG1 ’s Amanda Tapping, will be back for a second season.


Miami-set tongue-in-cheek drama Burn Notice, below, about a spy inexplicably cast adrift by his bosses and left to fend for himself, has earned a 16-episode third-season order. It begins on June 4.

Comedy-drama Psych, about a fake psychic who helps the police, has been given a fourth season.

Monk, the comedy-drama about an obsessive-compulsive private detective, gets an eighth and final season.


With the third season of Army Wives not due to begin until June, the Lifetime channel has ordered a fourth season.


Ensemble drama Crash, based on the 2005 Best Picture Oscar-winning film of the same name, has been renewed for a 13-episode second season


A nine-episode third season of My Boys, a comedy about a female sports writer in Chicago and the men in her life, has been ordered.


Syndicated sword-and-sorcery fantasy drama Legend Of The Seeker, currently airing its first season, has been renewed for a second run. The show is based on the Sword Of Truth series of books by Terry Goodkind.

Prospects for the following shows could still go either way but they haven’t been officially cancelled yet:


A third season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, starring Summer Glau, right, looks highly unlikely but if you believe in miracles, now’s the time to start praying for one.


Talks are reportedly underway for a ninth season of medical comedy Scrubs, though possibly without regular appearances from several of the original cast.


Negotiations for a possible fifth season of My Name Is Earl continue.

A fan campaign to win a third season for Chuck continues, amid rumours that a decision will be delayed until after the upfronts.

No word either yet on season 20 of the original Law and Order.

(This post seemed like a good, simple, quick idea when I started it – several hours ago! Hope someone finds it useful.)

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Lex Luthor Defeated By The Credit Crunch?

When LexCorp is feeling the effects of the economic downturn, what’s a self-respecting villain such as Lex Luthor supposed to do when he needs $100billion to fund his latest nefarious plan..?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s Mad Men‘s John Hamm helping out old Lex, there.

more about “Lex Luthor Defeated By The Credit Crunch“, posted with vodpod

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Another Award For Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is no stranger to awards.

The acclaimed drama – which revolves around the employees of a Madison Avenue advertising agency in 1960s New York – has, quite rightly, picked up a string of gongs during its first two seasons, including Emmys and Golden Globes a-plenty.

Now Weiner is to be honoured again – but his latest award is notable because the honour is not coming from the TV or entertainment industries or from his peers.

Perhaps indicating how authentic and influential Mad Men is perceived within the profession the show portrays, Weiner is to receive an honorary award for services to the advertising industry at the 50th anniversary CLIO Awardsin Las Vegas in May.

If you’re not in the advertising business then, like me, you have probably never heard of the CLIO Awards. They are, according to the press release, “one of the world’s most prestigious international advertising and design competitions, honoring creative excellence and innovation in the industry”.

Of course, it’s easy to dismiss such honours as cynical publicity stunts designed to garner additional publicity outwith the relatively small industry circle that would normally pay attention to such an event. And, given that Barry Manilow will also get an honorary award (apparently, he’s written a lot of advertising jingles over the years), it’s a fair enough point.

But it’s also worth noting that Mad Men, for all the critical acclaim and awards success is not exactly a ratings powerhouse and Weiner is hardly a household name. So maybe they are giving him the award purely in recognition of the quality of Mad Men and the positive effect it has had on their industry.

Then again, these are advertising experts…

In any case, whatever the motivation, it’s undeniably a postive thing to see such high-quality TV output – and make no mistake, Mad Men is the highest of the high – getting recognition outwith the normal entertainment channels.

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A Word From Our Sponsors… I Wish They All Could Be Caledonia Girls

When watching these two British Caledonian adverts it’s worth bearing in mind that, all evidence to the contrary, these entertaining but slightly troubling commercials were made in the 1980s (82 and 83, the Choob believes), and not the 1950s.

Here’s the first one I’d like you to watch:

First of all, it’s true that the tune is very catchy – but then it’s one of the Beach Boys‘ biggest hits, so it would be, wouldn’t it?

Second, the altered lyrics (from Californian Girls to Caledonian Girls) were also very memorable, aided by the general cheesiness of the production – chances are, if you were old enough to have seen this ad the first time round, you will still remember it well enough to sing along. So from a brand awareness point of view, it is a great example of the commercial-maker’s art.

But… they get that message across with shameless sexism so blatant that it would make Mad Men‘s Don Draper and the staff of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (circa 1963) blush.

Look around those planes – not a woman in sight, apart from the stewardesses, whose sole purpose appears to be to lean suggestively over the middle-aged male passengers, brush against them, feed them grapes (that’s not a figure of speech, it actually happens in the second advert, below!) and generally give them the none-too-subtle impression that they are be up for some mile-high rumpy-pumpy.

That the ads are sexist is certain. More uncomfortable, watching from a distance of 25 years, is the racial attitudes. In truth, racism is probably too strong an indictment – if they are guilty of anything, it’s probably racial/national stereotyping. There’s no malice intended – but that doesn’t make it right.

Here is the second advert. I believe it was made before the one above – and for my money, it’s even more sexist and suggestive, and contains just as much racial stereotyping (but thankfully, no dodgy comments about rice…):

Still, as a product of their time (albeit a time that out to have moved on at least a decade before the ads were made), the British Caledonian ads are a fascinatingly cheesy reminder of an era and style of advertising long gone. They should make you smile at the dodgy, awkward singing from the uniformly unsuitable singing passengers – while at the same time shifting uncomfortably in your chair as you think that, not SO long ago, this passed for acceptable

British Caledonian flew off into the sunset for good a few years after these adverts were made, swallowed up by British Airways. It’s always a little sad watching adverts for now-defunct brands because it means that, ultimately, the advertising failed – or, at least, wasn’t enough to overcome fundamental flaws with the business.

However, thanks to the internet, once-household names such as British Caledonian live on – even if not always for all the right reasons.


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Mad Men Creator Is Back At His Desk

Fans of Mad Men (and if that doesn’t include you, it should, because it is the best show currently on TV) can breathe easy.

Mad Men creator, producer and main writer Matthew Weiner has signed a new deal that will keep him in charge of the show for at least two more seasons.

There was never any doubt that the show would return later this year for a third season – but with all the critical acclaim and awards the show has won, Weiner (previously a writer and producer on The Sopranos) had been playing hardball with the show’s makers Lionsgate TV as he negotiated a pay rise for himself and a budget boost for the show.

The negotiations have dragged on for months and there were fears that the show would continue under a new showrunner if his demands could not be met.

All’s well that ends well, however, and Variety reports an agreement has been reached. Production on season 3 is expected to begin soon and season three is likely to start aring in July.

 Weiner has previously said that his plan is for the show to run for five seasons, covering 10 years in the lives of the characters.

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2009 Golden Globes Winners

All the envelopes have been opened and the winners revealed in the 2009 Golden Globes ceremony.

The big winners in the TV categories were broadcaster HBO, which grabbed seven gongs, NBC’s excellent 30 Rock, which won three, and HBO’s acclaimed historical miniseries John Adams (four awards).

Woman-of-the-moment Tina Fey, creator and star of the critically-acclaimed but ratings-shy 30-Rock, saw her show pick up three awards: Best TV Comedy or Musical, Best Actress, for Fey herself, and Best Actor for her co-star Alec Baldwin.

John Adams went one better and grabbed four gongs. It won the Best Miniseries or TV Movie category, while Stars Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney scooped Best Actor and Best Actress in Miniseries or TV Movie and Tom Wilkinson took home the Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie award.

The best Drama series award went to the AMC’s brilliant Mad Men.

Surprise of the night, perhaps, was Anna Paquin winning Best Actress in a Drama for her role in HBO’s Vampire drama True Blood. Gabriel Byrne won Best Actor in a Drama for another HBO show, In Treatment.

Laura Dern was best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie for her memorable role as Florida’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris in HBO TV movie Recount, which told the story of the voting problems in Florida during the 2000 Presidential election and the effect they had on George Bush and Al Gore’s destinies.

Biggest news in the movies category was Kate Winslet, who picked up both the Best Actress in a Drama award, for Revolutionary Road, AND the Best Supporting Actress gong, for The Reader.

Other good news for the Brits was the quadruple success of Slumdog Millionaire, which won Best Drama, and also landed helmer Danny Boyle the Best Director award, scriptwriter Simon Beaufoy the Best Screenplay honour and A R Rahman won Best Score.

As expected, Heath Ledger won a posthumous Best Supporting actor award for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Best Actor in A Drama went to comeback king Mickey Rourke, for The Wrestler.

The Full List of winners.


Best Television Series, Drama
Mad Men


Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical
30 Rock

Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical
Tina Fey
, 30 Rock

Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical
Alec Baldwin
, 30 Rock

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
John Adams

Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Paul Giamatti
, John Adams

Best Actress, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Laura Linney
, John Adams

Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Tom Wilkinson
, John Adams

Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Laura Dern
, Recount

Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama
Gabriel Byrne
, In Treatment

Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama
Anna Paquin
, True Blood


Best Feature, Drama
Slumdog Millionaire

Director: Motion Picture
Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Feature, Comedy
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Best Screenplay
Simon Beaufoy
, Slumdog Millionaire

Best Actor in a Drama:
Mickey Rouke,
The Wrestler

Best Actress in a Drama:
Kate Winslet,
Revolutionary Road

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical
Colin Farrell, In Bruges

Best Actress, Comedy or Musical
Sally Hawkins,

Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Supporting Actress, Motion Picture
Kate Winslet
, The Reader

Best Motion Picture, Animated

Best Foreign-Language Film
Waltz With Bashir, Israel

Original Song
“The Wrestler,” The Wrestler; music and lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Best Score
A. R. Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire

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