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The Choob’s 12 Days Of Christmas: It’s Christmas In Heaven With Monty Python

On the sixth day of Christmas, The Cathode Ray Choob
sent to you…
The Meaning of Life revealed during a festive trip to Paradise.

After an unfortunate incident with some salmon mousse, the Monty Python boys and Arthur Dent Simon Jones find out what it’s like to spend Christmas in Heaven.

From the 1983 film Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life, this… is… “Death”. Merry Xmas!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – Christmas In Heaven!

(One of the angelic dancers in the santa suits with the fake plastic breasts is Jane Leeves, aka Daphne from Frasier).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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A Word From Our Sponsors… Accurist Watches

In keeping with the Monty Python theme of this week’s Monday Movie, today’s classic advert features some prime-vintage John Cleese.

Here, from 1978, is an award-winning series of Accurist adverts in which a Basil Fawlty-esque Cleese character flogs us some of those fancy new digital watch gizmos.

In those days, you see, as Douglas Adams famously wrote, us ape-descended lifeforms were so amazingly primitive that we still thought digital watches were a pretty neat idea.

Um… actually, the Choob still does. Hmmm…

Ahem. Moving on, it’s time (see what I did there?) for those classic ads:

The reason these ads came to mind this week is because I noticed that Accurist have dusted one of them off and, with a few digital tweaks, started re-running it, 31 years on. Spot the differences between the following 2009 version and the original:

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The Monday Movie: Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

Brian: “Look, you’ve got it all wrong. You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody. You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all individuals”
Huge crowd (in unison): “Yes, we’re all individuals!”
Brian: “You’re all different.”
Huge crowd (in unison): “Yes, we are all different!”
Lone voice: “I’m not.”

Monty Python and The Holy Grail and Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life have both already appeared in this feature, so it’s only right that they are joined by the team’s masterpiece.

Monty Python’s life Of Brian still provokes controversy, 30 years after it was released.

Some refuse to see it as anything other than a sacrilegious indictment of Christianity and a blasphemous personal attack on Jesus himself.

In fact, it is at heart an extremely intelligent, thoughtful and scathing satire on the dangers of fanaticism, exploring the effects of blinkered acceptance of doctrine without question or debate.

Along with, y’know, jokes about Romans who have rude names and speech impediments.

You can find a more in-depth article about Life Of Brian in this post by the Choob.

The difficulty with trying to choose a classic scene is that there are so many to choose from in this movie. So here are a few of my own favourites.

First, the scene that cuts to the very heart of the film’s satire:

Next, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Brian realises that standing at the back of the crowd listening to the sermon on the mount was a bad idea (unless you are a cheesemaker, or, indeed, any manufacurer of dairy products):

And finally, for now, Romans with unfortunate names and speech impediments:



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The Monday Movie – Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life

From Monty Python‘s flawed and uneven but sporadically brilliant The Meaning Of Life… it’s Terry Jones as the unforgettable Mr Creosote.

Say no more!


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The Monday Movie – Monty Python And The Holy Grail

“I’m invincible!”
“You’re a looney!”

From the 1975 movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail, King Arthur (Graham Chapman) teaches the Black Knight (John Cleese) that while bravery and tenacity are all well and good, you really should learn to quit before you are a head…

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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Whizzo Chocolate Assortment; Architect Sketch

I missed out on Monty Python’s Flying Circus on TV as I was too young to watch it the first time around.

Just like with Bob Newhart, I discovered the Pythons from LPs of their material borrowed from the local library.

Here are a couple of sketches that are perhaps a little less-well known than the likes of The Parrot Sketch or The Cheese Shop Sketch but they are two of my favourites.

First, an unusual box of chocolates:

And here is a sketch about architects. It has some subtitles on it, unfortunately. I’m not sure what language they are… they might be Swedish, though. Or not.

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër? See the løveli lakes. The wøndërful telephøne system.

And mäni interesting furry animals. Including the majestik møøse.

A Møøse once bit my sister…

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The Holy Grail Of News Stories…

This might well be my favourite news story of all time, courtesy of the Islington Gazette.

The bomb squad were called and several buildings were evacuated last Thursday afternoon after water board workers discovered a hand grenade under a fire hydrant cover in London’s Finsbury.

After about an hour, the all-clear was given – when the highly trained experts realised that they were trying to defuse the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch from the 1975 movie Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

More accurately, it was a replica of the prop Holy Hand Grenade which in the movie, you may remember, King Arthur (Graham Chapman) and his knights used to slay a killer bunny rabbit. (It was more vicious than it looked…)

The image on the right shows what the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch looks like. Once again, let me remind you, it took the bomb squad almost an hour to figure out it wasn’t a real hand grenade.

Now, I know that in the top 10 list of occupations in which you don’t want to take any chances, bomb disposal is right up there with sticking your head in a lion’s mouth or being a member of the crew on a Christian Bale movie. One wrong move and you will be done not only professionally, but existentially.

And, I suppose that it’s not entirely outwith the realms of possibility that a playful terrorist with a warped sense of humour might think it was a jolly wheeze to fashion a real explosive device  in the shape of the fictional Monty Python one – though to be truly whimsical, they would surely have left it in a cheese shop, not under a fire hydrant?

But still, even allowing for all that… an hour?

Alberto Romanelli, who owns The Windmill pub near the scene, said: “It was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.”

I can’t say that I know Islington at all but I have no reason to doubt Alberto on that. However, if it is only one of the most ridiculous things he has ever seen, I would kind of like to know what the other ones are that it is competing with.

He added: “The bomb squad were here. They evacuated the pub while they were doing X-rays and stuff. It all lasted about 45 minutes before they decided it was nothing – which I thought was pretty obvious from the start.

“I lost a good hour’s worth of business.”

Yeah, well, losing an hour’s worth of takings is a bummer… but on the plus side, Alberto, you did keep all your limbs attached to your body. And just how much do you normally take in an hour on a Thursday afternoon, anyway..?

But possibly the best thing in this whole story is the obligatory quote from the police. In my day-job as a newspaper sub-editor, I know that however silly and light-hearted the story, you can always rely on the cops to give you an irony-free quote in that peculiar, giving-evidence-to-a-jury kind of a way that the police use to talk to everyone in an official capacity.

And, bless her, the spokeswoman in this case did us all proud, saying: “There was no danger to the public. The device is believed to be an object known as a Holy Hand Grenade.”

Neither Tim The Enchanter nor Brother Maynard, custodian of the Holy Hand Grenade, were available for comment yesterday.

Full Islington Gazette story here.

And here is what caused all the confusion:

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