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Gabrielle Anwar’s Freaky Naked Torso

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The Choob has been enjoying the tongue-in-cheek spy adventure Burn Notice, which is midway through its second season on the USA network.

But since it started, one thing has been worrying me – how painfully thin Gabrielle Anwar (who plays hero Michael’s on-off girlfriend, Fiona) is. (Well, actually two things have been troubling me but for now we’ll leave aside the issue of why the writers think it is acceptable to have one of the heroes (Fiona) be an ex-IRA bomber).

Having followed Anwar’s career from her early days on British kids’ TV show Press Gang(written by soon-to-be Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat), through roles in movies such as Scent Of A Woman and Body Snatchers, I was surprised at how dangerously thin and unhealthy she looked.

And this week, it seems the makers of Burn Notice agreed. Let’s investigate The Case Of The Disappearing Belly Button.

These images are from the opening scene when Michael and Fiona arrived at a pool party:

She’s not got a belly button! But she does have a nice smooth stomach.

Now, these pics come from during the party:

Notice that he nice smooth stomach has gone, replaced by protruding ribs and pelvis. And – as if by magic, her belly button that has miraculously appeared.

Just in case there’s any doubt that the earlier images were airbrushed to make the actress look less skinny, here is the clincher. These pics are from the scene when Michael and Fiona are leaving the pool party:

She’s lost her belly button again and her ribs and pelvis aren’t sticking out either. To my untrained eye, the last two photos in particular seem not only to have been altered to get rid of sticky-out ribs and pelvis, but also to make the actress look more curvy and healthy than she actually is.

Bottom line, we are always reading news stories about size-zero models and how dangerous it is for women to be so thin – and here we have the makers of a TV show apparently trying to cover up how dangerously thin their leading lady is.

If they think she looks so unhealthy they need to digitally alter her for broadcast, then surely her bosses should be doing something to help, not hiding any problem that may exist?


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