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TV Newsround – Penny Spent? Kate Going? The Next Gen Boldly Returning? And More…

Is Lost‘s Penny doomed? The Choob has been worried about Penelope Widmore, girlfriend of Desmond Hume – the world’s favourite Scottish, Glasgow Celtic-supporting, time-travelling island-hopper – since nasty, vengeful Benjamin Linus said he was off to attend to some unfinished business, then was next seen covered in cuts and bruises next to some boats at a marina.

Further fuelling my fears, was the word that actress Sonya Walger, right, who plays Penny, had signed up for the lead role in the pilot of new sci-fi drama Flash Forward (lots more about that show here).

However, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello offers some comfort, as he reports that Lost insiders say they are not done with Penny yet and that Walger will balance work on the two shows (they are both on the ABC network), should Flash Forward progress to a full series.

Of course, on Lost, the fact that a character will appear in future episodes does not necessarily mean they will be alive…

Talking of Lost, the rumour that has been spreading around “teh internets” over the last few days that Kate is being killed off (fuelled by a claim that actress Evangeline Lilly has been auditioning for new shows) has been flatly denied by the producers of Lost, network ABC and Lilly’s own spokespeople, all of whom insist Kate will be on the island until the show ends next year.

All the original main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation have signed up for a reunion – on a special episode of animated sitcom Family Guy.

Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes will appear in an episode called Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, in which the Griffin clan visit the annual Quahog Star Trek convention.

ITV’s poorly-received Saturday-night prime-time fantasy drama Demons is facing the axe after a single season, according to tabloid reports. Star Philip Glenister (best known for playing Gene Hunt in the original UK version of Life On Mars and its sequel Ashes To Ashes) has reportedly quit his role as vampire hunter Rupert Galvin. This, along with rapidly-declining ratings throughout the first season’s run, seem likely to signal its demise.

What credit crunch? NBC is said to be charging advertisers up to $500,000 for a 30-second commercial slot during the two-hour last-ever episode of ER, which airs in the US on April 2.  Such advertising slots normally cost around $135,000. George Clooney returns in the finale for one last appearance as Dr Doug Ross, left, along with a few of the show’s other former stars.

With the second season of The CW’s Reaper starting on Tuesday (March 3) Sci Fi Wire has a video interview with star Bret Harrison revealing what lies in store for the Devil’s errand boy this year.

As season seven of 24 approaches the half-way mark on Fox, it has been announced that executive producer John Cassar won’t be back for season eight (which may well be the show’s final season), after failing to agree a new contract deal. He had been with the series for six years.

His next project will be as director of CBS pilot Washington Field, a crime drama about a team of elite agents operating out of the FBI’s Washington field office.


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Gene Hunt’s Five-Year Plan

Ashes To Ashes, the sequel to time-tripping cop show Life On Mars is on it’s way to America. That’s the BBC sequel to the BBC Life On Mars, not to be confused with the American remake from ABC that is half-way through its first season Stateside.

And while promoting the show, co-creator Ashley Pharoah and star Gene Hunt himself, aka actor Philip Glenister, dropped a few hints about the future and the mythology of both the BBC and ABC versions of the franchise. 

While Life On Mars, which ran for two seasons on BBC1, shifted current-day cop Sam Tyler (John Simm) to 1973 Manchester, where he finds himself teamed up with politically incorrect old-school “beat a confession out of them” Gene Hunt, Ashes To Ashes finds another current -day cop time shifted and teamed up with the Gene-Genie.

This time, however, the displaced officer is a woman – police psychologist Alex Drake (played by Keeley Hawes) – who had been studying the Sam Tyler case – and the location is 1981 London.

With the second season of Ashes To Ashes set to begin on BBC1 in March, BBC America will start airing the first season on Saturday, March 7.

It’s already been well recorded that while the US version of Life On Mars is following the storyline of the BBC original very closely, the ultimate pay-off to the show, the explanation for what is happening to Sam Tyler, will be very different from the ending to the BBC Life On Mars.

But Pharoah teased us with a little more information of what the future holds for the two versions of the show:

He said (regarding the BBC series): “Right from the start, we knew how we wanted to end it when finally the whole franchise comes to an end.

“We’ve got a terrific ending, I think. Very different from the American Life on Mars. We swapped endings drunk in a Manhattan bar, so I know theirs, and they know mine.”

Asked whether there may be another sequel, with someone else transplanted in time, when Ashes To Ashes ends, Pharoah said: “Never say never but I really would be amazed.

“[Season two of Ashes] is about to go out in March [on BBC1], and if that does well enough to give us a next [season], two Life on Mars and three Ashes would be a five-year journey. It’s been a wonderful journey, [but] I think we would probably say thank you very much and bow out.”

Whether the US version of Life On Mars will continue in the 70s or spin off into its own version of Ashes To Ashes remains to be seen and will no doubt depend heavily on the ratings when the show returns from its mid-season break on January 28, after it was moved to Wednesday night to partnet up with ABC’s other time-shift fantasy, Lost.

You can read SciFi Wire’s full report of the Q&A with Pharoah and Glenister here.

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