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Pilot Watch: Kutcher’s Latest Model And An Order In Place

The CW

The Beautiful Life: Ashton Kutcher is producing this drama about the day-to-day highs and lows of a group of male and female models who live together in New York. It will primarily focus on two of the beautiful people: charismatic  Christopher, a 22-year-old rising star, and 15-year-old Raina, a potential supermodel. The pilot is written by former model Adam Giaudrone.

Melrose Place: An updated version of the 1990s primetime soap, which was a spin-off from Beverley Hills 90210, a show that has itself already had an updated version, which debuted this season. The pilot will be written by One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn and directed by Davis Guggenheim, who won the Best Documentary Oscar in 2007 for An Inconvenient Truth. He has also directed episodes of Alias, 24 and NYPD Blue.

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Pilot Watch – Some Shot Down, Others Take Off

If you’ve been following my reports of pilots currently in development at the networks, here’s a quick update.

First off, CBS has ditched Confessions of a Contractor. The Shield creator Shawn Ryan was involved in this drama written by Richard Murphy, based on his novel of the same name, which was said to provide a provocative look at life in LA through the eyes of a successful contractor who is torn between two of his female clients, who have a mystery in their shared pasts.

The pilot pick-up was cast-contingent and CBS decided to back out after a lead actor could not be found.

ABC, meanwhile, has decided not to proceed with Funny in Farsi, a comedy based on the novel Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas, which chronicles the author’s childhood as an Iranian immigrant in 1970s Newport Beach, California. The pilot order was director and showrunner-contingent and neither were found.

Planet Lucy – a comedy based on the book Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill about a disaster-prone woman trying to balance being a stay-at-home mother with rebuilding the life she had before she had kids – is also a no-go at ABC. It had also been cast-contingent.

On the plus side of the pilot order column, CBS has picked up Ace In The Hole, a comedy pilot created by and starring former radio show host Adam Carolla as a husband and father who works as a driving instructor.

Meanwhile a few existing pilots have added to their cast lists.

Former Dharma and Greg star Jenna Elfman (right) has landed the lead role in Accidentally On Purpose, the CBS comedy based on the autobiographical novel by Mary F. Pols about a movie critic who has a fling with a younger man and becomes pregnant.

ABC’s drama I, Claudia has been renamed See Cate Run and Smith actress Amy Smart has landed the title role as a a young prosecuting attorney who is a future contender for US President. In the present-day, though, she is more concerned about her love life than her career.

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The Pilot Frenzy Continues: 26 New Shows!

We have a lot of new pilots that have been greenlit to get through today, so without further ado…

(Lots more pilot news HERE.)


Cougar Town: Comedy co-written by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, starring Friends’ Courteney Cox as a fortysomething mum with a 17-year-old son who finds herself single and dating again.

Untitled Kelsey Grammer Project: Previously revealed to be in the works, Former Frasier star Grammer’s new sitcom has now been given the green light to go to pilot. The actor plays a Wall Street corporate tycoon who is forced to reconnect with his family after losing his job. Written by  Everybody Loves Raymond scripter Tucker Cawley.

Funny In Farsi: Comedy based on the novel Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas, which chronicles the author’s childhood as an Iranian immigrant in 1970s Newport Beach, California.

Canned: Sitcom about a group of friends who all get fired on the same day. Script is by Reaper and Desperate Housewives writer/producer Kevin Etten.

Planet Lucy: Comedy based on the book Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill about a disaster-prone woman who quits her job to raise three kids, leaving her to balance being a stay-at-home mother with trying to rebuild the life she had before she was married with kids.

The Law: Comedy co-written by and starring Cedric The Entertainer, about reserve cops working for the LAPD who have regular jobs and lives during the week but put on a badge on weekends.

Untitled Parenting Comedy: Comedy starring comedian Anita Renfroe about being a mother who lived by the principle that family always comes first, no matter what.

Untitled Dave Hemingson Project: Drama about a group of hard-living LA entertainment lawyers.

No Heroics: A US remake of a comedy from the UK’s ITV network, about off-duty, third-rate superheroes who hang out together at a heroes-only bar to drown their sorrows and moan to each other about their lack of fame and glory.


Good Girls: Sitcom produced by Ashton Kutcher‘s production company Katalyst, about two childhood friends who set about reinventing themselves after making some youthful mistakes.

The Good Wife: Drama about a politician’s wife who becomes a defence lawyer and starts to carve a career of her own after her husband is disgraced.

Confessions Of A Contractor: Drama written by Richard Murphy, based on his novel of the same name. It’s said to provide a provocative look at life in LA through the eyes of a successful contractor who is torn between two of his female clients who have a mystery in their shared pasts. The Shield And The Unit creator Shawn Ryan will executive produce.

I Witness: Drama about a professor who uses her psychophysiological skills to solve crimes.

The Eastmans: Medical drama about a complicated family of doctors.

Miami Trauma: Medical drama from the Jerry Bruckheimer stable, about a team of trauma surgeons trying to save critically injured patients in Miami. It’s written by Jeffrey Lieber, who wrote the original, non-sci-fi pilot script for the show that became Lost. Not to be confused with NBC’s pilot Trauma.

Three Rivers: Another medical drama, this time about organ transplants, from the point of view of doctors, donors and recipients. Former Jericho head writer Carol Barbee provides the script.

Waiting To Die: A buddy comedy about two easygoing guys.

Accidentally On Purpose: Comedy based on the autobiographical novel by Mary F. Pols about a movie critic who has a fling with a younger man – and becomes pregnant.



Untitled Family Comedy: Sitcom revolving around adult siblings, written by former Futurama writer and Samantha Who? consulting producer Justin Adler.

Community: Comedy set in a community college, written by Sarah Silverman Program co-creator Rob Schrab. Said to be similar in style to Stripes, the 1980s film starring Bill Murray as a taxi driver who joins the army for a joke.

100 Questions For Charlotte Payne: Ensemble comedy about a young woman’s experiences dating in New York.

State Of Romance: Comedy described as a present-day version of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice, set in Chicago.



Cop House: Comedy about a half-way house for “troubled cops”.



Lights Out: Drama about a former boxing champ struggling with the onset of dementia, who takes a job as a collections enforcer  to make ends meet and provide for his family. The Bucket List‘s Justin Zackham is the writer.

Fire In The Hole: Based on an Elmore Leonard short story about a federal marshal in Kentucky, his ex-wife and his father. It comes from Boomtown creator Graham Yost.


Epix (Cable channel due to launch in May)

Tough Trade: Drama about three generations of a famous but dysfunctional country music family. It’s created by Weeds writer Chris Offutt and the executive producer is Weeds creator Jenji Kohan.

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TV Newsround: Nutter Works His Magic, O’Neill Married Again, Torchwood Talk

David Nutterhas signed on to direct the previously announced pilot for ABC’s Witches Of Eastwick TV show, a light fantasy based on the John Updike novel, and the 1987 movie, about three women who develop supernatural powers after a mysterious man arrives in their their small town.

Nutter, whose big break came directing episodes of The X-Files, has an astonishing pilots record – all 14 he has directed have gone on to be picked up as series. His most recent successes include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Mentalist and Supernatural.

Former Married With Children star Ed O’Neill is, well, getting married with children again, after joining the cast of ABC pilot An American Family.

The show is a documentary-style comedy following three families. O’Neill will play the head of one of them, a 60-year-old man married to woman half his age. It will also feature a more traditional family and a gay couple who have just adopted a baby.

O’Neill’s last regular TV gig was in David Milch ‘s baffling HBO drama John From Cincinnati which was cancelled after a single season in 2007.

Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, talked about the show’s upcoming five-episode third season at the New York Comic Con.

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FX Developing Superhero TV Show

Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed at The New York Comic Con yesterday that cable channel FX is moving ahead with the development of a TV show, first announced last year, based on Powers, his creator owned comic co-created with artist Michael Avon Oeming.

Described as a police procedural set in a world where superpowers are common, the comic revolves around two detectives who investigate crimes involving “powers”. One of the cops used to be a superhero before losing his powers, and both of them have secrets.

Bendis said: “Powers is in active development as a pilot at FX. I just handed in a draft to the network and we’re getting our notes from the network as soon as this thing is over.

“So next week I’ll get the notes, and as long as they don’t involve sock puppets and some sort of orgy scene that I’m not interested in, then hopefully it will go in the right direction.

“But they’re a very smart network. It seems like the right place for it to be.”

Powers has been running as a comic series since 2000. It was optioned for a feature film in 2001 but a suitable script was never completed.

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Pilot Watch: Politicians And Other Bloodsuckers

A couple more pilots orders have surfaced, this time from The CW (previous pilot news HERE).

With vampires and angsty young people flavour of the month both at the cinema (thanks to the Twilight movie based on the series of books by Stephenie Meyer, of whom Stephen King is still undecided about whether he is a fan) and on TV (thanks to HBO’s True Blood, based on the Southern Vampire series of books by Charlaine Harris), I’m sure that, like me, you were worried that we don’t have nearly enough variations on the theme just yet.

After all, we have around 327 crime dramas that are exactly the same except for the specific details of the hero’s troubled past and 293 medical dramas differentiated only by the characters’ dubious and strangely unconvincing psychological problems.

Well, we can rest easy because there’s another TV series in the works based on a series of books about vampires. And angsty young people.

The Vampire Diaries is based on a series of books by L.J. Smith which, The CW is keen to point out, were first published in the early 1990s and predate both Twilight and the Southern Vampire novels. And which were largely forgotten until Twilight became a huge hit. Now they have been reissued and have found a new audience and, after a gap of more than a decade, Smith is writing more books.

The novels tell the story of a young woman from a small town who is torn between two vampire brothers – one good, one evil – who are battling for control of her soul and the souls of her family and friends. The TV pilot will be co-written by Dawson’s Creek and Scream writer Kevin Williamson.

Also at the CW, The Body Politic is a drama about young people (no word on their angst levels yet) working for politicians in Washington DC.

The surge of interest in American political dramas may be an unexpected result of the Obama effect, with more people taking more of an interest in US politics.

As the Choob previously reported, CBS is piloting House Rules, a drama about a new Congressional representatives, while ABC is developing Inside The Box, about a Washington news bureau.

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TV Newsround: The Pilots Keep Coming

Here is a quick round-up of the latest pilots to get a greenlight in the US. More pilot news HERE.


House Rules: A Drama about newly-elected politicians arriving in Washington.

The Fish Tank: Sitcom from the makers of ‘Til Death and King Of Queens about a teenager who suddenly gets his parents’ house to himself five days a week.

A Marriage: Family drama from the makers of 80s hit Thirtysomething, about a couple and their successful marriage.


Here’s one that fell through the cracks of earlier Choob pilot updates. Treme is the new drama from The Wire creator David Simon, set in post-Katrina New Orleans, as seen through the city’s community of musicians.

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