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What If… Frank Miller Had Created Peanuts, Charlie Brown?

We’ve already seen what Watchmen would be like as a 1980s Saturday-morning cartoon and what Family Guy would be like if it had been a 1980s computer game.

Now, thanks to Schulz City: That Yellow-Shirted Such-and-Such, a two-page story from Ninjaink, a member of Deviantart, we can have a look at what Charlie Brown and his Peanuts pals might look like in the hands of Sin City creator Frank Miller.

The title is a play on Miller’s Sin City story That Yellow Bastard.

Click on the small pics below to see the full-size versions.


And while we’re here, on a similar note, here is an oldie but a a goodie from artist Evan Shaner – What If… Peanuts’ Charles M Schultz had created Watchmen?

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