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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Red Dwarf – Wilma Flintstone Or Betty Rubble?

I’ve waxed lyrical before about the brilliance of sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf (and how it took me a while to appreciate it).

From the days when the show was in its prime and at its creative and comedic peak, here is what might well be my favourite scene from the entire run (possibly because it was the opening scene of the episode that got me hooked on the show, after I had written it off as rubbish two seasons earlier).

From the first episode of season three, Backwards, it’s the scene where Lister and Cat (Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules) discuss the sexual allure of Wilma Flintstone. It’s followed by Rimmer (Chris Barrie) teaching Kryten (Robert Llewllyn) how to drive… er, pilot Starbug

(For the record, the Choob prefers Betty Rubble…)


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