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It’s Classic Clip Friday: Alan Partridge’s Guide To The World Cup

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“The proof is in the pudding… and the pudding in this case is a football!”

Today marks the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and what better way to celebrate than with Alan Partridge‘s… um… unique guide to the event (circa 1994), as originally broadcast on BBC2’s The Day Today.


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The Choob’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Tony Ferrino – Bigamy At Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, The Cathode Ray Choob
sent to you…
A lyrical lament about the trials and tribulations of juggling two families during the festive season.

Our penultimate Christmas cracker comes courtesy of Steve Coogan‘s sleazy alter-ego Tony Ferrino.

An arrogant, egotistical, apparently homicidal Portuguese singer, Ferrino was one of Coogan’s less-successful characters, compared to the likes of Alan Partridge and Paul Calf.

However, he did shine briefly in the excellent one-off special The Tony Ferrino Phenomenon back in January 1997.

A spot-on, darkly comic spoof of the sort of cosy, old-fashioned festive musical variety shows that, even back then, they didn’t make any more, one of the highlights was the string of excellent comedy songs, which are always tricky to pull off.

And here’s one of the best:

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It’s Classic Clip Friday: I’m Alan Partridge – Quacking Plums

Steve Coogan‘s Alan Partridge is a great creation, one of TV’s great comedy monsters.

This is Alan at his demented, self-obsessed, prejudiced, bonkers best.

After upsetting local farmers with his comments about mad-cow disease and infected spinal cords, Alan invites a posh farmers’ union chief (Chris Morris) onto his radio show to apologise and find out where he went wrong.

The interview starts to go wrong when Alan moos and goes rapidly downhill from there.

“Have you got any more of this or do you want to stop at quacking plums..?”



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