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Doctor Who – Matt Smith Teams Up With Two Former Companions*

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[*Or three if you count K9.]

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith will cross over for a guest appearance in the forthcoming fourth season of Doctor Who spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures.

And in the latest crowd-pleasing blast from the past, actress Katy Manning will reprise her role as former companion Jo Grant in the show, alongside Smith and Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane.

Manning accompanied Third Doctor Jon Pertwee between 1971 and 1973.

She and Smith will appear in a two-episode run of the spin-off, which is aimed at a younger audience than the parent show.

Full BBC press release here.

Sarah Jane Smith (travelled in the TARDIS between 1973 and 1976, taking over as The Doctor’s companion after Manning left. She appeared alongside both Pertwee and fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

She was reunited with The Doctor (in the guise of David Tennant) during the second series of the revived Doctor Who in 2006. The character, arguably the show’s all-time favourite companion, was then given her own spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which also included occasional appearances by the Doctor’s robot dog K-9 (who was reintroduced full-time in season three).

The Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney), another long-time Doctor Who mainstay who first appeared in the 1970s, has also appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Incidentally, Katy Manning famously caused a bit of a stir when, shortly after leaving Doctor Who, she posed naked with a Dalek for a saucy nude magazine photoshoot.

The photos are pretty tame by modern standards but possibly still NSFW, so click here, here, here, here, here and here to see them.


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Doctor Who – Matt Smith’s Doctor’s Appointment

The cat is out of the Tardis-shaped bag. David Tennant’s successor, the man who will take over as the 11th Doctor from season 5 in Spring 2010, is…

26-year-old Matt Smith. He is the youngest actor ever to land the iconic role – fifth Doctor Peter Davison was 29 when he was given the role in 1981.

Smith is probably best known up to now for his role as Jim Taylor in BBC drama The Ruby and the Smoke and its sequel The Shadow in the North, alongside Billie Piper (who played former Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler) as author Phillip Pulman‘s heroine Sally Lockhart.

He also appeared with Piper in ITV2’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl and had a leading role in BBC Two’s political drama Party Animals, in which he played a parliamentary researcher.

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