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More Clone Wars And Teenage Secrets

The Cartoon Network has ordered a second season of the computer-animated Star Wars TV show The Clone Wars.

The 22-episode first season, which ends on March 20, has been a big success, with record audience figures among boys aged 14 and under.

George Lucas said: “We’re trying to push the envelope even further in the second season.

“In the features, I focused on telling the story of the Skywalker family. With The Clone Wars I’m exploring far beyond that and we barely scratched the surface in the first season.

“It’s exciting to be able to take people to all these new places in the Star Wars galaxy.”

The Choob has to admit he hasn’t seen the Clone Wars TV show (or the Clone Wars movie that preceded it) and so can’t pass judgment on how entertaining it is for over-14s.

However, it did provide the ammunition for the outstanding sitcom The Big Bang Theory to deliver one of the funniest TV moments of the year so far.

Our favourite geeks Sheldon and Leonard were discussing what to do of an evening and Leonard suggests watching the new Clone Wars TV show. But Sheldon hasn’t seen the movie yet and is having none of it:

Sheldon: “I want to watch the Clone Wars movie before I see the Clone Wars series. I prefer to be disappointed in the order George Lucas intended.”

Meanwhile, ABC Family, who still can’t put fans of The Middleman out of their misery by letting us know their plans for the show, have renewed The Secret Life Of The American Teenager for a 24-episode second season.

The 23-episode first season, which ends on March 23, has proven very popular, with especially high ratings with young women in the 12-34 age range. The show stars former Brat-Packer Molly Ringwald as the mother of a 15-year-old girl (Shailene Woodley) who falls pregnant.

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